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We understand that in any customer facing business, creating a positive experience is vital; you need the reassurance that your customers are enjoying their experience and feel encouraged to return.

Here at OCS we are experienced in developing partnerships with some of Asian’s leading retailers. From local stores, through to national chains and even some of the country's largest shopping centres. we can provide an unrivalled level of support allowing you to focus on your customers.

We have contracts in the hospitality industry ranging from famous luxury hotels to unique boutique hotel and serviced apartments. We provide a multitude of services to any type of business including security, landscape design, facility cleaning, housekeeping washroom hygiene, staff catering and M&E services. So, whether you want a single service or a integrated service, we can tailor our services to suit your needs.

By maintaining your environment to the highest standards with a seamless, invisible service, we help to give your customers a really positive experience.