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Biomedical Services

Many hospitals lack the technical expertise or personnel to appropriately maintain and repair their vast inventory of imaging, biomedical, laboratory and other clinical technology. What they may not realize is the negative impact this has on overall equipment dependability, which ultimately affects physician, nurse and technician satisfaction, operational efficiency and financial outcomes.

With expansive resources and expertise, OCS United Service Emirates offers Clinical Equipment Maintenance Management to enhance equipment productivity and improve uptime. Our approach:

• Increases physician, nurse and technician satisfaction by providing them with properly operating equipment for patient care – at the right time and in the right working condition.

• Minimizes equipment failure through ongoing preventive maintenance.

• Provides fast and cost-effective response to equipment repair needs by balancing on-site technicians with outside service providers.

• Improves equipment utilization through inventory and transportation controls.

• Minimizes financial risk and loss for healthcare facilities by protecting your organization from unplanned expenses.